Faculty List

Katharina Lueckerath

Email Address: klueckerath@mednet.ucla.edu

Work Phone Number: 3102061146

Work Address:
650 Charles E Young Drive S
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Department / Division Affiliations
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Molecular & Medical Pharmacology

Research Interests

Dr. Katharina Lückerath’s research focuses on theranostic concepts with the goal to deliver new insights into tumor biology and its relationship and relevance to functional imaging and biomarker-driven treatments in nuclear medicine. Specifically, her research aims at elucidating mechanisms underlying failure of radioligand therapy - a type of targeted, systemic radiotherapy - in prostate- and pancreatic cancer. These mechanisms include, for example, tumor cell intrinsic resistance mechanisms, tumor protection by microenvironmental factors (immunosuppression, stroma), and suboptimal tumor radiation dose delivery. Poor understanding of these mechanisms represents a key barrier to the development of more effective radioligand therapy approaches. To improve radioligand therapy outcomes and to establish rationally chosen, translatable radioligand therapy-based combination therapies, the group characterizes cancer mouse models and patient samples, and uses diverse in vitroex vivo and in vivo analyses to identify targetable radioligand therapy-induced cell signaling alterations in tumor, stroma and immune cells that mitigate the effects of RLT. 


A selected list of publications:

Current Kyle, Meyer Catherine, Magyar Clara E, Mona Christine E, Almajano Joel, Slavik Roger, Stuparu Andreea D, Cheng Chloe, Dawson David W, Radu Caius G, Czernin Johannes, Lueckerath Katharina   Investigating PSMA-targeted radioligand therapy efficacy as a function of cellular PSMA levels and intra-tumoral PSMA heterogeneity Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, 2020; .
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